Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sher North Indian Cuisine

Residing in the quiet precinct of old Nee Soon area, you will be surprised to see a new eating place emerging specializing in Northern Indian cuisines. The chinese eating house had became a landmark after many years because of its corner location. Sher North Indian Cuisine is located along the stretch of shophouses, just next to it. I had a crave for Indian food and because I was also lazy to travel all the way to Upper Serangoon, I decided to check out for nearby areas. I was so happy that I found Sher, and within 30 minutes, I was already on my way down. 

There were quite a number of varieties on its menu, and because I was ignorance of what the names meant, I just randomly picked a few. The only thing I knew about Indian cuisines were naan, prata and curry. The experience here was new to me.  

As we sat down, papadom was served, together with mint sauce. I liked the sauce! It tasted a little cheesy and spicy. It had a unique taste and it doesn't really feels like its part of the Indian cuisine. The mint sauce went pretty well with the papadom. I used to eat papadom without sauce, now that sauce was introduced to me, I became addicted to it. How I wish they would top up the papadom and I would just go on munching... 

We ordered the Raita under the appetizer menu. It was actually yogurt and I never knew that Yogurt could taste so nice with some chopped vegetables in it. I did not regret this choice. 

Finally we tried the Naan!! I had the Garlic Naan, Cheese Naan and the Butter Naan. Just loved the flavouring in it. The Cheese Naan was so good that you could just eat it on its own. The Garlic Naan was very fragrant and the moment it arrived on the table, the smell allured you to the food. The same goes to the Butter Naan. The Butter Naan lost a little because it tasted similar to the normal Naan, maybe more butter would improve the taste. Thumbs up for the Naans!! 

The Curry Chicken was delicious. The meat were soft and tender, and the curry tasted fantastic. I was impressed with the combination of Indian spices that could bring out on a simple dish like that. Chinese and Malays too had their own recipes for Chicken Curry. The Indian ones were great. We just loved curry!! We also tried the Tandoori Chicken. The chicken was a little stiff, but the taste was fragrant too. The look of the Tandoori Chicken literally made you salivated. Its the spices!! I just loved it.

We also tried the Palak Paneer, which was basically Spinach puree. I never had tasted vegetables being blended into a puree. It was so savoury and I fell in love with this dish. It gave me the feel that it was curry but green in colour. And the best part in this dish was the cheese cubes hidden inside!! Yummy....!! 

We headed back and this time round, decided to give the traditional Chicken Biriyani a try. To my surprise, the Basmati rice was not hard unlike those Biriyani you had seen in coffeeshops or eating house. The gravy was mixed together with the rice, giving you an easy eating experience. The chicken was soft and tender as expected, wonder what Sher did to keep that standard. Great!!  The Biriyani was easy to chew and swallow, and the best feel was that you would not get sick of it. We had the Butter Chicken too to add on to our Biriyani. I would give the Butter Chicken two thumbs up!! The gravy was creamy, savoury, and rich. Wow... I felt so delighted to have tried out this Butter Chicken dish.

I had a Lemon Tea to quench my thirst. The drink was so refreshing. It was not too sweet, just right for me, not too sour either. It was basically nice! I had tried the Lime Juice on my earlier visit and it was also refreshing. Try it... 

There was Happy Hour promotion at Sher too on Fridays! We had the Hoegaarden at only $8 per pint. Quite worth it. We came back to Sher for some light food this time round, ordered a vege and a naan. It was called Bindi Masala, basically Lady's Finger with onions and spices. Note that for this dish, there was no gravy in it. It went well with the naan too and it felt different, unlike the usual ones where there were gravy and you would put some of it over your naan before going into your mouth. I would give this dish another thumbs up!

I would definitely be back to this place again. I had been having take-aways for naan due to my late work schedules. I am so wanted to randomly picked and try out the different dishes. My target is to try out all the dishes in Sher. Great place for get together and chill out too... 

25, Sembawang Road
S'pore 779079

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5

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