Saturday, 13 September 2014

Delhi Restaurant

Stepping into the streets of Little India sometimes engulfed me that I am in India. The smell of India was all over the place - the curry, the jasmine flowers and the coconut oil. I had grown up having only Roti Prata, Curry, Murtabak, Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and the Indian tidbits - Muruku. It was recently after my holidays in Europe that I tried out a dish called "Chicken Tikka", then it striked me to start exploring the Indian cuisines. My first stop for my very first Indian cuisine was in Little India. There were too many of them so I had to choose. I picked the award winning restaurant for Northern Indian cuisines - Delhi Restaurant. It was located in Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road. 

It was my first time there and I realized that most of its customers were not exactly Indians, instead they were either Chinese or foreigners. They served some snacks upon arriving, the papadom together with the cheesy mint sauce. I had eaten papadom all the time but did not match it with any sauce before. To my surprise, I liked the sauce! It felt like Nachos dipping into cheddar cheese sauce. It was yummy!! 

The plain water was served in authentic Indian cupware, it really made you felt like you were in India. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, the Pepper Prawns, the Garlic naan and Methi Paratha. For the selections of bread, basically we just whacked anything because we could not understand what name symbolised what kind of bread. All we could understand was naan. Menu for Delhi Restaurant is available here

The Chicken Tikka Masala was delicious.I never knew Indian spices could be so fragrant. The same goes to the Pepper Prawns. The Chicken Tikka Masala (mainly meat from the thighs therefore it was juicy) was cooked with curry, ginger, capsicum and indian spices and had a touch of coriander leaves to further enhanced the taste. I hated ginger and coriander in my life until today, that I felt that the combination was great. Onions were eaten raw here, and you could request for additional helpings of it. The Pepper Prawns were a little more spicy than the Chicken. Black pepper was added to the curry so the heat was doubled up. The prawns were big and fresh, and it was indeed crunchy.

All the dishes tasted fantastically wonderful. The serving of the curry was very generous. The smell of Indian spices and the aroma of the curry attracted you the moment it arrived on your table. The Garlic naan was so nice that you could practically eat it on its own. The curry gravy was really spicy. The Methi Paratha did not really had any taste of fenugreek, but it was worth a try. You got to really be able to take spicy stuff before hitting this place. It is a place of truly authentic northern indian food. 

I came back to this place again a week later to try out more of its other dishes. Again, we just anyhow whacked and the food came. I was like "Oh My God", it was delicious. this time round we ordered the Fish Tikka, the Chicken Do Piaza, the Roomali Roti, the Poori and Mango Lassi. 

The Fish Tikka felt like deep fried nuggets but it was fish instead! The marinated spices on the fish was so fragrant! And I loved it. Just put in into your mouth and munched it. You would not match it with any bread at all. Because it tasted so nice on its own. I am beginning to love Indian cuisines. The Chicken Do Piaza was full of ingredients and again thigh meat was used. It was cooked with tons of onions! You could request for raw ones if you wished.

I did my own combination of food and it looked like a fine dining dish being served. Fish and chicken with sauce decoration. 

There was a kind of Indian bread that was spun around on a finger to make it into a huge circle, it was called the Roomali Roti. I had seen it on televisions but had never tried it before. Watch it here, You would recall what it was. It was like a piece of handkerchief. It was soft and easy to eat, well you got to tear it to open and dipped it into the sauce, or wrapped it round the fish or chicken. Then we had the Poori, it was another kind of bread, deep fried and it blew up like a balloon. It was like a puff bread. I would not tried it again because I felt that it was too oily. It looked interesting though and you could try it for the first time.

All Indian dishes were spicy. Even the drink I had, the Mango Lassi. It had a little spicy pricking effect, probably from the pineapples they used. But I understand that it was made with Indian yoghurt, therefore it was supposed to be healthy. The Mango Lassi was soothing and nice too. 

My conclusion for this restaurant, GOOD!! This place was being published on Food Magazines and it was one of the best restaurant in Singapore for Northern Indian Cuisines. And because of that, tourists flocked here to had a taste of India whenever they visited Singapore. 

Broadway Hotel
195C, Serangoon Road
S'pore 218067

Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.

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