Sunday, 11 May 2014

Menya Musashi - Japanese Ramen

This is one of my favourite ramen eating place!! Basically, I love the soup base, the chewy noodles and all the side dishes. Had been patronizing this ramen house and I felt that I got to share it with everyone. The ramen here was just so delicious. I would finish up the soup too sometimes. The soup broth was coooked with pork, chicken and sometimes fish depending on what flavour you ordered. They had a very attractive and colourful menu too...

I got hungry whenever I looked at their menu, the look of it kept me salivating. I had tried both the black and red ramen soup base, it was delicious. I have not tried the white soup base yet, but I believed it would definitely taste great too. The aroma of the soup was simply alluring, no doubts about it. I had the White Cha Shu Ramen, Sakura Tsukemen, Red Duck Ramen, and the White Buta Slice Ramen. I would give all of them thumbs up for their savoury taste!

There were dry ramen available too where the ramen and soup would come separately, such as the Sakura Tsukemen. And there was also the Do-It-Yourself ramen, picked and choosed your ingredients, soup and ramen serving size. Great combination for a family of 3 to 4 especially.

Every ramen set came with a side and a drink - Houji Tea. There were also ala-carte dishes available. The sides were also great and I have yet to try them all.... But I would definitely be back again so I can share more of it here.. 

Ramen lovers out there, Menya Musashi was considered one of the best in Singapore if you do a search on it. There were also few outlets available islandwide, but for me, I am a regular at the one located at Thomson Plaza. Good thing was that it wasn't that crowded in this outlet.  More information on Menya Musashi is available here.

301, Upper Thomson Road
#01-112, S'pore 574408
Thomson Plaza

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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