Sunday, 11 May 2014

126 Dim Sum (Wan Tou Sik)

Located in the red light district, a 24 hours eating place that serves Hong Kong tim sum is always packed with people. It has the Hong Kong style of seating and ordering method. This place serves a huge varieties from tim sum to noodles. It feels like a small business operation within a family. It is a like small coffeeshop over packed with people that's why seats are so close together. Don't be surprised if you got to share table with people. PArking is always a problem there. The food is nice definitely but be prepared for the crampy seats. As you flipped the menu, you will be like wanting to just order everything, at a loss of what to order. Too many to look at. We just randomly picked a few and it turned out great. Again, don't be taken by the menu for its lousy photography skills. We had a huge spread of food too... 

There will be more pictures coming up during each visit. I had a liking for the fried stuffs and that explained the pictures. The price is slightly above average but still affordable within your means. Go and give it a try. You will be back because it is better than those serve in the restaurant like Yum Cha or Turf's City. They had another outlet at Serangoon, both available sit-in and take-aways too. It is located at 1086, Serangoon Road. That will be my next destination.

126, Sims Avenue
S'pore 387449

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

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