Saturday, 11 January 2014

House @ Dempsey

I had always wanted to try out different kind of fries. Having quite sick of fries from MacDonald's, Burger King, KFC and others, I googled to check it out. A fries menu caught my attention and it was located at Dempsey. So I decided to bring myself there to try it out. It used to be an abandoned building, but was refurbished into a restaurant. Upon steppinginto the restaurant, it gave you a homely feel with its olden days European style of furniture. Quite comfortable! 

The fries menu caught my attention. Pumpkin Hazelnut fries, Truffle Taro fries, Carrot Fennel fries, and the Curry Mustard fries, wow.... I wanted so much to try all of it!! And my wish came true... The best was the Truffle Taro fries, the others were so so... 


I love the Taro fries sooo much!! It was actually deep fried shredded yam sprinkled with truffle oil and salt. Tasted great! I had also a salad and a main course. One thing to note, I felt that the servings were big for a lady like me. I had the Pearl Barley Salad and an Asian Slider. The Asian Slider is braised pork belly which goes with white buns (Kong Bah Bao). Had a fruit juice called Pine Pitstop, which was actually cucumber and pineapple juice.

Thumbs up for this place. In fact I was back here a couple of times for the fries. I love the fries the most! Great chill out and hang out place too.. Be sure to try the fries! I will be back again for the fries and will add in more other varieties of food which I tried out here. They have their menu online too.

There had been a change recently. Well, I was back for more food and discovered that they had introduced pizzas into their menu. They had also a really amazing coaster where you can take a 3D picture at an angle. Be sure to get it up! 

The pizza were great. I ordered the English Breakfast pizza and to my surprise, the ingredients were superb. You could feel that there were lots of ingredients. Don't worry about not being able to finish the pizza, it was a really skinny pizza, probably just nice for a serving. It was good! You would be going "wow" on the first bite when it went into your mouth. I tried their pasta, and surprisingly, they had tried to combine the italian and chinese fusion together. It was called the Braised Pork pasta. I was wondering how would it tasted like, well, one word "Great"!!  Of course I ordered my favourite taro fries for take-away. 

I will be coming back again for more... ... 


8D, Dempsey Road Level 1,
S'pore 249672

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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