Friday, 6 December 2013

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet

This is one of the best BBQ buffet I ever tried. Dinner at $22++ on weekdays and $24++ on weekends. I heard from many of my friends that this place is always full, and advanced booking is required. So in order to play safe, I made reservations before I came. It was previously located at Novena Ville, now at United Square basement. I believed that the siting capacity was small at Novena Ville which resulted in the everyday full house. There were ample seats at the United Square location. This was my first time sampling Korean BBQ, and well, it was a good one. 

There were cooked food available as a starter such as stir-fried vegetables, noodles, pastas, salads, and some korean side dishes. Soups were also available with different cooking styles. There were a wide spread of meats namely pork, chicken, lamb and beef. The only seafood I saw were squid and prawns. 

I had some cooked food before starting on my BBQ. The noodles were tasty, and it would be advisable to take a little because it can be quite filling for the tummy. 

Finally I started my BBQ food. Spices were available to add on for more taste. I took all the different meats to try. The lamb was huge so one piece was more than enough. The pork and beef slices were the best. It was thin and easy to eat, and it went especially tasty with the lettuce wrapped around. 

We were anxious and excited to start our BBQ work so we laid the food onto the grill, squeezing in as many as possible. Beautiful sight with a whole load of food in front of you. Can't wait to try it. We added in garlics, onions, and chilli padis for some extra flavouring. 

It was tasty and delicious. The marinating of the meats were good. I had many rounds of meat till I am bloated, feeling full and satisfied. The korean style of eating was to use the lettuce to wrap around the meat. With some garlic and onions, the bite was yummy and juicy.

I would definitely come again. Thumbs up!! Well it was cheap too. How much meat could a person eat? After some time, we would be sick of it and then it was the time to leave. This is a place which I would recommend to everyone. It would be a good experience to give it a try. 

United Square Mall
101 Thomson Road,
#B1-15, S'pore 307591

Nearest Station: Novena

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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