Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ramen Champion Restaurant

Just one word to describe: GOOD!! I heard of this Number One ramen in Singapore sometime back but yet to try it. Finally after my usual weekly hike up Bukit Timah Hill, I went to Ramen Champion for lunch. I visited the outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It was less crowded as compared to those in the city areas. Parking was easy and location was convenient. It was quite empty when I arrived, as most of the crowds were dominating the foodcourt. It had the typical Japanese style of atmosphere when you entered the restaurant, especially with those wooden tables and chairs. We were given order cards for use in the restaurant. It had the Marche style concept. There were four stalls selling different kinds of ramen, don and sides. Basically it was all different cooking methods mastered by 4 different chefs. I believe all the outlets carried different tastes because each chef had its own speciality and was allocated to a stall.

I took a walk round looking at the huge varieties available to me. I was at a loss of what to order. Too many choices and I wanted to practically try all of it. The display of the menus were so attractive. The menus decorated the stalls!! 

I was already salivating while looking, and finally I made up my mind with the Black Garlic Ramen. I placed my order and was given an electronic collection UFO dish. It would vibrate and light up when your order is ready for collection. We had ordered some sides too - the Gyoza and the Pork Katsu. Within minutes, I got to collect my ready ramen. It smelled so good and felt so delicious!!

The soup base was fantastic and so tasty. This ramen was made by Chef Masaki. It felt creamy with some miso taste. The soup base was cooked with chicken and pork. Perfect combination!!  I almost finished up the soup too. The Gyoza and Pork Katsu was also different. 

The Gyoza was soft and juicy. The skin was thin and as you chewed, you would not be able to feel the hardness and thickness of the Gyoza skin. The Pork Katsu was fine crispy. The marinated flour only occupied a thin layer over the meat unlike those from Sakae or Sushi Teh whis were hard and thick. Yummy!!! I would definitely recommend to everybody out there. You will come back again! There were few outlets available islandwide too. You can find it here

I had also tried out the one at Great World City. Its a place with another different flavour of recipes by four different chefs. 

Somehow I don't really like the service over there, probably because it is new, the cooks weren't very experience. Forgetfulness did really portray a bad encounter. I ordered a Butaou Special Spicy Sukiyaki, and the non-spicy came. After that then one waiter took the spicy sauce to me saying that the cook forgotten to add it in. The soup base is the main theme I guess.

I also had a Miyamoto Half Garlic Ramen. The noodles used was not the usual Japanese ramen, but the Chinese Lor Mee Noodles. It somehow does not suit the taste of the Japanese style of ramen. 

The soup base was good. But was spoilt by the taste of the bean sprouts. When bean sprouts were added to the soup, it will create a saw vege taste sensation. I also tried the Butaou Pork Bowl, and well it was better than the noodles. It felt like pulled pork but overall was still good.

My overall experience with Ramen Champion was still ok. I am not really in favour of the one at Great World City. I am more favourable to the Changi Airport outlet. In fact it was the soup that carried out its flavour in every bowl of ramen. I yet to try the one in Bugis...

Changi Airport Terminal 3,
#B2-058, S'pore 918146

Nearest Station: Changi Airport

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

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