Sunday, 15 December 2013

1036 Live Seafood

Lying in the quiet precint in Sembawang, a stall located in a coffeeshop warmed up at night especially when crowds flock in for their yummy seafood. It was neither an outstanding nor well-known place, but it would be flooded sometimes during festive seasons. Its not the place that attracts, but the food.

It was a rainy day and I was at a lost of ideas of where to go for my dinner. Then this place reminded me. Let's try it. There was a designated area for parking for their customers. I was early and there was not a crowd seen. The menu looked delicious with so many varieties. We ordered a bean paste horfun, a salted-egg crayfish and a deep fried baby squid. All were our favourite food. Yummy!!

The hofun was delicious, especially with added red chilli padi. There were places selling such a dish but usually the sauce do not have enough bean taste. This place managed to have the bean paste so well blended into the horfun. Nice!! And my favourite crayfish, salted-egg flavour just tasted so great. Love the sauce... ... But fattening! Never knew such suburbs could have such tasty food. The baby squid were also good! It was not too wet with sauce but just right. I so wanted to go back there again to try out other dishes! Even looking at it made me drool... ...

Once again I am back to try out other dishes. The salted egg pork ribs was good!! I love it. I guess this place cooked real great especially for salted egg related dish. There were many other combinations you could request, and it was also my first time hearing salted egg pork ribs.

We ordered my favourite crispy noodle, but quite disappointing because it was so so only. The crispy noodle do not have egg, the most important element in the dish. We also had mui fan, well for this dish it was ok. Gravy was thick enough and not too dry. The mui fan is worth a try for those who liked this.

1036 Sembawang Road
S'pore 758504

Nearest Station: Sembawang Station

Rating: 4 out of 5

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