Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wong Chiew Eating House

Lying along Sembawang road, just beside Thong Bee road, we can see an old eating house located in the corner. It had been there for many years and even before I was born. My understanding of it is that it was passed down generations after generations. My grandmother used to patronize them. It was until recently then I started to take my meals there. It has huge varieties of food, and its speciality are basically duck and chicken. 

It also has the traditional zi char food, dim sum, and also curry fish head. The food prices are very reasonable, and the place is packed especially during lunch hours and on weekends. 

 We always order shark fins when we had our meals there. One can really see that it does really have real shark fins with some crab meat. Unlike other places that uses lots of starch and carrots to add on the "fins". 

With some pepper and vinegar, the bowl of shar fins can be really tasty. We also order its speciality, the Bucket Chicken, they called it 木桶鸡. It comes in only half or whole chicken. Two people can practically finish half a chicken. Sometimes I feel that half is not enough for two of us. It is a small kampong chicken steamed under the chicken rice spices.

Lots of garlic and ginger spices sprinkled over the chicken, enhancing its taste. I just love it! I had tried the dim sum several times but didn't had the chace to capture it. I will be back with more updates from this eating house. 

I was back again for the Curry Fish Head. I had not captured it the first round so I would now present to you the thumbs up Curry Fish Head. This was one of the best Fish Head I had so far in Singapore. There was a famous Curry Fish Head coffee house along Sembawang Road, Chye Lai Curry Fish Head, located opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. I would say that this one here was so much better than that. The gravy was thick and savoury, with a generous amount of vegetables in it. Purrrfect!!

29 Sembawang Road
S'pore 779081

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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