Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chye Lai Curry Fish Head Restaurant

We were comtemplating on what to eat for dinner, and curry fish head came to our minds. We had two choices: curry fish head or white beehoon along Sembawang Road, at Jalan Legundi. Then we remembered there was a restaurant specializes in curry fish head. So here we go..... It was not crowded when we arrived so we could easily find a comfortable seat. This place can be quite crowded at times. Usually when we drove past, we could always see people eating. I had tried once before but that was quite a few years back. Now I am back again to savour it... ... 

 The menu presented quite a number of varieties, but because there were only two of us, we do not want to order too much food. We can always come back again to try the different dishes, at the same time updating this blog. We ordered a small curry fish head at $20, and a buttered crayfish at $16. The fish head was well worth it because they gave us the whole head. I understand that there are some places selling fish head that only serves one side of the head, costing about $16 ~ $18. The curry was acceptable, fish and vegetables were fresh too. 

The buttered crayfish was also quite worth it. There were six halves of it which was equivalent to three crayfishes. The meat was fresh and I love it. I had a special liking for crayfish, therefore I will be back to try out all cooking styles with crayfish. I also tried the black pepper style, but because the peppercorns used was not coarse pepper but fine powdered pepper, the black pepper taste was not that good. I would recommend the buttered style. 

This is one eating place where I would return again. I also find that the seafood in the menu were not that pricely actually. They are of reasonable price. I returned to try the white beehoon as I saw many people ordering it. I ordered a plate and was surprised that there were clams added to it. It was like wow!!

Thumbs up for the white beehoon. It was good!! There were lots of eggs and I love eggs. This is one place I would recommend to people. A cosy family owned restaurant... ... 

1, Jalan Legundi
S'pore 759263

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

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