Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I love to eat noodles. As long as it belongs to the noodles category, it will never escape me... I tried the ramen from Tonkotsu King, and realized that it is indeed one of the best ramen i had ever tasted. I had long heard of this renowed ramen eating house but yet to taste it. Finally i get to try it on one of my weekday's lunch.

Try to avoid the peak lunch hours because this ramen house is located in the CBD area, Tanjong Pagar area. I wanted to avoid the lunch crowd but there was still a short queue when I arrived at about 1:30pm. The waiting time was fast as most of the people are finishing and returning back to work. 

The menu consist of only four varieties with the same soup base throughout. The only difference I could tell was the toppings for the color of the soup. The original white soup base was the authentic japanese flavour. Black Spicy was basically black pepper added and Red Spicy consist of japanese chilli in oil. I ordered both the red and the black. The soup base is fantastic. It is thick and tasty, and I just can't stop scooping it into my mouth. 


It comes with a small wooden pounder with sesame seeds. We are suppose to crush the sesame seeds and add it over the noodles. It will bring out the flavour of the dish. So be sure to remember to add it in. 

There were also free hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts on the eating table for you to add in case you might want it. For me, I would prefer to taste just the original. In fact, it is good enough for me!! They also had their own made carbonated green tea in a unique bottle. Try it!! It is so special... 

I would say this ramen house carries really authentic japanese ramen. For ramen lovers out there, don't forget to include this place as one of your choice. Thumbs up!! 

1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel
#01-19, S'pore 078867

Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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  1. Wanted to bring my japanese friends to try the Ramen here (compare with the ones back home), and apparently, they said very good!. Small and authentic japanese stall, great place, great noodles and highly recommended.
    Also noticed that this place got lots of foreigners, for a short 30 minutes, saw people from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwaness, and others eating there!!